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Marvel Team-Up: A Marvel Movieverse RPG
Who: Pepper What: Waiting for Iron Man Tony to come back from a… 
14th-Jun-2008 03:50 am
On the Phone
Who: Pepper
What: Waiting for Iron Man Tony to come back from a mission a business trip
When: Friday, Midday
Where: Stark Industries, in California
Rating: PG-13
Status: Open to: phone calls/visits from anyone who has a need to come to California/Tony

The first rule of working for Stark Industries, at least when you're Pepper Potts, is that you shouldn't expect much sleep. Four, to five hours, tops, unless she was on vacation, or had a day off--one of those rare occasions which only happened once every other blue moon. But even in those cases, it was typical for Tony to find a reason to call her back to take care of something.

Which wasn't something she exactly mind. No, quite the contrary. This was her first real job that she loved, absolutely loved. Prior to this, she was stuck in temp jobs. Filing paperwork, answering phone calls, and hearing the same humdrum things all the time. At least there was one major positive to working for Tony Stark: your life was never boring. 'Never boring' definitely defined the time when your boss decides that it's a good idea to go against what you, his military liaison, and an agent of a government operation tell him to say and admit to taking part in something that was just so...so unimaginable. But not in a bad way, just in the way that Tony's going to find even more attention from the press and the public--if that was even possible, but you know, after what had been happening the last few weeks Pepper knew it was.

And Tony wanted to continue with it, being the Iron Man. There were still problems in the world that needed to be rectified. Maybe not ones that related to him or to his company, but ones that needed someone to handle. Ever since she met him, Pepper had known Tony to be a wild card, but his admission that he was in fact the person the press had begun calling the "Iron Man" still surprised her a little. Maybe it shouldn't, but it did.

Though, the press, the press wasn't her major worry. No, the major worry--well, concern. Yes, she would keep it at the level of concern--was this new relationship that seemed to have formed overnight between Tony and SHIELD. He didn't speak very much about it to her, and, as far as she could figure out, not to Rhodey, either. This must have been really important if Tony was actually respecting a topic with the subject of 'top secret' on it. And SHIELD, well, she had seen Coulson's tight-lipped and serious demeanor. SHIELD had 'top secret' written all over it. Coulson didn't even express any disappointment when Pepper was finally able to get Tony away from the press. In fact, Pepper hadn't even seen Coulson again since Tony had gone to speak. But something had happened after that. Someone had spoken with Tony.

Pepper tapped her pen against her tablet she was holding and glanced at her watch. Tony had gone out again almost three hours ago. He really didn't tell her and she really didn't ask. Maybe she should sometime. For the moment, though, she thought it was best to continue as they were and answer his call when he needed her.
26th-Jun-2008 02:49 am (UTC) - (haven't seen the movie yet haven't read iron man comics eighterlol but your post looked so lonely )
Reed had wanted to call Tony Stark to see if he still wanted to have dinner later in the week. But it seemed even Reed was slightly to busy. Susan laughed and dialed the phone, waiting for someone to pick up.
27th-Jun-2008 06:05 pm (UTC) - (Hey! Thank you for tagging! *L* Pepper is rather lonely)
The phone buzzed and identified the caller as the Richards, of New York. Interesting couple, Pepper thought. They were bona fide superheroes, like the kind Tony had started playing as. Two members of the Fantastic Four. And they really were a bit fantastic: for they actually possessed awesome powers. It was a step in the wrong direction of normalcy for Pepper, but if it worked for them...that's really all that mattered. That's another thing: after going public about the suit, Tony had been contacted more and more by people of that ilk. Similar to SHIELD, too. The sort of things she didn't much hear about. But that was by her choice, wasn't it? This made things simpler and was for the best, of course, Pepper reminded herself again.

"Hello, Stark Industries. This is Pepper Potts. How may I help you?"

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1st-Jul-2008 04:45 am (UTC)
"Hello, I'm Susan Richards, calling on behalf of my husband Reed. He was supposed to call Tony and set up a dinner between us." Susan laughed, "but I can't seem to pry him from his desk, and it would be horrible rude not to call."
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