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Marvel Team-Up: A Marvel Movieverse RPG
Scarlet Asphalt (open to all) 
18th-Aug-2008 09:00 pm
Who: Wanda, Maddie, NPC vamps, open
What: The alleyway fight from Hell
Where: Vacant lot across the alley from Maddie's Bar
When: After midnight
Rating: SOLID R for vampires, impalement, and Maddie's mouth

Wanda was proud of herself for not screaming.

She was not social. She had come here chasing up a rumor that there was a local all-night spot that welcomes mutants. And yes, she had found the place--but the few blocks of searching had picked her up a tail.

Three young Gothic-types, in leather, wearing sunglasses at night. The studious Doctor, already missing the comfort and safety of her isolated penthouse, had tensed at the first slow deliberate tap of their boots behind her. Knowing, instinctively, that they were in trouble. Worrying.

But not for the reasons they might have expected.

I'm going to have to hurt them. If they startle me too much, I might lose control. Oh Gods. What might happen this time? She depended on the precise exercise of True Will...of magic...to harness her powers with any dependability. If her emotions flared up overmuch, something...uncontrollable...might happen.

They had shocked her almost at once, going from a slowly speeding walk behind her to standing in front, too fast to be human, just there, a wall of white-skinned muscle and their eyes behind the glasses were just...wrong....

Her first impulse was to shout a warning at them: that she was a mutant too, that they should find themselves someone else to mug and save themselves a very nasty time. But before she could even draw breath--one of them had grabbed her.

She somehow kept her silence as she felt cold iron-hard hands close on her wrists. He was very tall; dragged her to the tips her her toes and leered down at her as his lips curled back from snaggled shark-teeth.

"Get off me," she managed to hiss as her heart started trying to pound its way out of her chest.

They just chuckled, the other two moving in closer. Their breath smelled like copper pennies and rot. The biggest one yanked her upward toward his yawning mouth and its rows of back-bent teeth.

If shock was dangerous for her, outrage was worse.

It broke loose inside of her, in a great red-stained wave, turning anger to hate and hate to pleasure and she saw that terrible glare gathering in the corners of things, around the three figures, around her, and then the humming started--that low, almost subsonsic rumble that warned her there was no holding back anymore. She could only focus her intent. She wanted him to let go--and then he was letting go, all but flinging her from himself in shock. She stumbled back and the others stared at him, standing there now at a strange angle, leaning to one side with his head pushed over and a look of abject amazement on his broad white shark-face. An eight-foot length of steel railing had detached from the fire escape four stories above and fallen, and now pinned him from shoulder to hip and straight into the pavement.

"What the fuck?" one of the other monsters ventured.

"Her eyes are glowin'!" mumbled the third, staring at her.

"You get away from me," Wanda hissed through her teeth, fists at her sides as she advanced on them. Every once in a while her hands would twitch into spidery little gestures, like mudras, and red sparks would dance around them. "Go back to whatever Hell spawned you!" In times of stress, her accent thickened; right now she sounded fresh out of the Carpathians.

Then the impaled one yanked the bottom of the pole free from the ground and snarled.

She lost it completely. "I said, get away!"

The sound of metal wrenching filled the air; the fire escapes trembled and groaned. Length after length of worked iron and steel peeled themselves from their frameworks and tumbled down toward the...thing...lumbering to meet her.

The organic crunch of a half-dozen metal bars impaling the figure at once brought bile to the back of her throat. Somewhere behind the fading rage, she was cowering in horror from herself. I just killed a man, she thought frantically. And I liked it. What am I?

Then the man, still twitching and grunting and wearing an astonished look, crumbled into cinders.

That was when Wanda screamed.


Inside the bar, Maddie heard that long, shrill, horror-movie scream above the jukebox music and the conversation, and popped up from her seat like a meerkat. "Jose, cut the music! OK, guys, we got problems right outside." No point calling the cops--they'd likely arrest any mutants on the scene just to be contrary. "I need backup, now." She went behind the bar, came back out buckling on a pistol belt with something on the order of a hand-cannon shoved into its holster, and headed for the door, jaw set. Nobody starts shit right in front of my place!
28th-Aug-2008 06:04 pm (UTC)
((I only saw you kill two, so I assume the third one was still alive? If not, tell me, and I'll delete this.

WARNING: This WILL be gory. Weak of heart, DO NOT PROCEED.))

The third figure, however, was nowhere to be found, within the line of sight of the Scarlet Witch. But just on the rooftops were a horrifying sight to behold... the vampire was peeling steel cables of spider-webs from its body. How did they get there? ... how did he get there?

"Having fun? the snakelike, monstrous voice hissed, seemingly from nowhere. The vampire jumped to his feet, and despite his nocturnal nature, could see nothing in the darkness. The blood sweat was blurring his vision, as he wildly clawed at his eyes, trying to clear his vision. "Over here..." the voice hissed again, as the vampire lunged in the direction, falling only through air as he landed face-first on the concrete. "WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU!?" he screamed. "COME OUT! COME OUT YOU FUCKER!"

Silence. Total, ominous, silence. The vampire was slowly backing up, praying that somehow he wouldn't fall over the edge of the rooftops... until he felt a pool of blood beneath his feet. The blood felt strange... like it was fresh. And then he realized, it was his friend's, the vampire that the Scarlet Witch had slain. Before he could even open his mouth to scream, he was suddenly covered in the vice-grip of hundreds of webs, lifting him into the air. And then, everything went black.


"Wake up." Was this a dream? "I said, wake up." The vampire opened his eyes, and was face to face with a monster. Huge, dagger-like teeth were inches from his own face, the scent of death reeking from its vile lips. Its eyes were pure white, like bleached flames, and across its chest was a large white spider. Spider-Man? No... whatever this thing was, it was far worse than anything Spider-Man could ever be.

And then, the things face started peeling back. Like a creature from a cocoon, a human face appeared beneath the monstrous face, with delicate brown eyes, and locks of blonde hair. "Why, hello there." the thing snarled, like a rabid cynic. And then, death. His limbs were ripped apart by a stretching rack of spider-webs, ripping and tearing him to pieces.


Between two buildings would be a spider web, with the dismembered body parts of the vampire, waiting for the sun to turn them to dust.

Eddie, however, was in a suit he had stolen from a fancy shop for men... was it called "Perseus"? He didn't remember. Stealing, robbing, burglary, it was all the same. Regardless, he was walking towards the bar, having just turned 21 yesterday. He had a wallet full of stolen cash, and he was highly craving a Captain Morgan. Rum was good... having a little Captain in you makes a great villain. ((lol))

He bypassed the Scarlet Witch, sending a smirk in her general direction. He walked past the woman with the cannon, completely ignoring her. He entered the bar, and took a seat at a table... he would wait until the "excitement" was over. Venom was thirsty... and that's usually not a good thing.
29th-Aug-2008 06:24 am (UTC)
The woman in the red scarf and dark overcoat had noticed the third assailant being yanked out of sight, but not who did it. She was only grateful--until the screams started and she wondered what nasty chaotic thing she'd accidentally summoned. Then everything turned into a struggle to control her emotions and power. When Eddie walked past, she was kneeling amid the wreckage with one of the ash-smeared poles in her hand. She was panting hard and there was a red glow flickering in her eyes as she tried to control the urge to violence inside of her. Someone passed her by; he neither attacked nor spoke to her, so she kept her focus on not destroying anyone else.

Maddie shot the blond an annoyed look as she ducked past him and out. Jesus, don't let any local crises get between you and your booze, buddy.

Unfortunately, all the servers seemed to be herding customers toward the back of the shop. If need be, there was a bomb shelter below the damned basement to keep them safe. It was fairly orderly--almost as if evacuating customers to shelter was a semi-common occurrence.

She saw a tall lean shape kneeling over by the lot and hurried in that direction, training the gun and her Maglite around. "Jesus Christ, looks like the fire escape collapsed." She skidded to a stop next to the other woman. "Hey. Hey! You with me? Did you get hit?" She looked at all the beams speared into the ground, but the only thing around them was a bunch of...black ashes, not blood.

"I dissolved them," Wanda mumbled numbly in reply.

"Wait, what? Look, can you walk? If you're not hurt, we should get you out from under all this steel before any more falls."

"Three men," Wanda mumbled as Maddie stowed her firearm in its holster and helped her to her feet. "They tried to grab me." She realized her eyes were still glowing, and looked down instinctively--then blinked up at her companion, who was looking at her with nothing but sympathetic intensity. "I fought off two of them. But I lost control. They...."

"Dissolved." Maddie looked down at the ashes, and her jaw hardened slightly. "Look, honey, I've seen mutants kill before, and this was clear self-defense. Just try and calm down. Where's the third one?"

"He--disappeared. I heard screaming." How can she be so calm?

Huh. Maybe one of the regulars. "OK, look. I am takin' you inside the bar. I'm gonna hand you over to Enrique, he's gonna get you a drink. You drink that, try and calm down."

Wanda, confused and dizzy but finally starting to feel more under control, nodded mutely and let herself be led across the alley and down the stairs.

When she came in, she was shaky and her face was white. Maddie got her into a corner chair and waved Enrique over. "Get this girl a double Snakebite with extra chocolate liqueur, and one of the tortes. Dark chocolate. You can get people back to their seats and start serving again, but I don't want anybody leaving until I come back."

Enrique nodded; she swept past him with the flashlight still in her hand and ran up the stairs behind the bar. She could get her own damn backup if she had to.

A small, skinny Guatemalan girl came up to take Eddie's order. She kept half an eye on the door, and her expression was quietly worried.
29th-Aug-2008 08:02 pm (UTC)
Eddie had been carefully listening to the two women chatter about the 'disturbance' outside. The Symbiote was making him feel like he should get up and take credit for the third creature's death, but Eddie knew better... he had been under the control of the Symbiote long enough to have a bit of self-control, and this was the time to have some. When the girl walked up to take his order, Eddie raised his eyes to the young woman's. She seemed cute, but... not his type. "Morgan and Coke, please. Don't make it too strong, the night's young." Stumbling out of here before the night was over was something Eddie did not want at all, especially with the way things were going downhill outside.

He returned his gaze to the two women. Mutants? Ah, so they were among the newbies in town... at least they weren't the uppity government pigs he had heard about lately in the news... oh well, it didn't concern him, and if they tried anything with him, they'd be dead faster than they can say "legislate".
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