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Robbery in progress 
6th-Jul-2008 08:53 pm
central park
Who: [open to anyone]
What: super-villain bank robbery
When: Monday, 10 am
Where: Midtown Manhattan
Rating: PG/PG-13

This is what I get for working for Jonah.

Ben Urich wandered through the bank’s mid-morning crowd, looking for the customer service desk. Apparently, from the phone call this morning, there was some problem with his account, funds that were supposed to be there were not. The bank’s representative assured him it was just a paperwork error, but they needed him to come down in person to clear it up. Urich, however, had the sneaking suspicion that Jameson’s famed cheapness had put some sort of snafu on his paychecks. This was his reward for a series of award-winning articles on the Kingpin’s fall and a hiring at the prestigious Daily Bugle. He assumed after a morning of embarrassment and boredom at the bank, there would be an afternoon of yelling at the Bugle. It would not be a great day.

The customer service desk had a sign on it – “Back in 10 minutes!” Perfect, thought Urich, and he stepped into the line for the tellers, hoping to find some help. He glanced through the crowd; and elderly couple, a mom with a few kids, a businessman tapping his foot and looking at his watch every minute. A whole row of average New Yorkers stuck here in the middle of their day. Urich’s eyes continued to sweep the room. Two men were over at a side counter filling out deposit slips. They had been doing that since he had walked in. His reporter’s mind clicked on them. They were…nervous, a little shaky. He saw caps on their heads that could become ski masks and odd lumps beneath their coats. Urich turned and caught the security guard’s eye.

The guard looked back at Urich. Then the air behind the man exploded, bursting forth like a mini-hurricane. Urich felt a vibration in is chest like the bass-line at a heavy metal concert. Three men strode into the bank over the unconscious guard. The two to the left and right wore ski masks and brandished shotguns. At the same time, the two men off to the side covered their faces and produced pistols from their coats. The man in the middle of them all wore large, metal oversized gauntlets. Cables and wires ran up his arms into a bulky padded vest. His face was concealed by goggles.

“This is a robbery!” The man shouted. “Everyone be cool and no one will get hurt! So says the Shocker!”

The man to his left cocked his head and whispered, “I thought we weren’t going to use that name?”

Oh, yeah, thought Urich, this is not going to be a great day.
9th-Jul-2008 04:22 am (UTC)
Amongst the clean cut business suits and the black pencil skirts, an impertinent teenager awake at ten in the morning on a perfectly normal Monday, seemed to be a foreign amongst the busy middleclass workers. The teenager, not accustomed to being awake at the very early hour of 10 o’clock, yawned heavily-her disgruntled expression-definitely stated that she was not her by choice. Another yawn resounded, as the teenager flipped out her much used cell phone, 10:00am. Save me, please. She thought a small pitiful look crossed her face as she counted the twelve people in line before her. A small woman trying to control three very unruly toddlers, who seemed bent on raising the dead with their shrill voices, provided a little entertainment as she tried to, very softly, reprimand her children. It was obviously not working and the dull throbbing, Kitty was experiencing, seemed to worsen.
Kitty watched as yet another person filed into line a person behind her. Great! More people in this hell-hole of a bank. She thought, her patience was wearing down, fiber by fiber- until there would be none left for this pathetic line and the oh-so happy clerks-with their fake smiles and outrageously red lipstick. The man behind her, obviously late for his meeting- due to the repetitive glances at the face of his watch, tapped her on the shoulder, “ Excuse me, Miss, I was wondering if you would not mind allowing me to go before you. I have a very important meeting to attend to.” His voice held the sort of charm and suaveness of a door-to-door vacuum salesman. Which if you had no idea what a vacuum salesman sounds like, his voice was full of cheese and mock appreciation. Ass-kissing, in modern terminology. He was the kind of person, who found knock-knock jokes funny at the age of forty- a pathetic sort of person. Kitty grimaced, “I am so sorry but I cannot give up my spot in line, you see, my little sister has a soccer game in five minutes and I promised her I would be there.” A lie, but all-in-all, a pretty good excuse for such a quick reply time, Kitty smiled- her smile brimming with all of the sincerity and goodness that you would normally find in a girl scout going door-to-door selling perfect chocolate chip cookies. Which, in all actuality, suck- but you could not resist the bright blue eyes and the gap-tooth smile. The businessman quickly reassured her that she would make it to her sister’s game on time, and that she could keep her spot.
A large explosion of air had Kitty gripping on to the businessman in front- to steady her legs as the impact of the vibration hit her full force. One of the toddlers in front her hit the ground, and sat in shock- before a landslide of tears gushed out- and his piercing cry rendered inside the large room. Kitty frowned slightly as the barge of “criminal masterminds” came forth with their pistols waving about and their voices risen, telling everyone- if they remained calm all would be well. This cannot be happening!!! It is 10:00am on a Monday. I should be asleep, not listening to a poor organized crime take place. Annoyance began to set in her features, as the woman in front, who at this moment was clutching all of her children to her overly large bosom, whimpered loudly- apparently overwhelmed by the occurrence. This was Manhattan; had she not expected a Bank Robbery to occur? Hell, they happened everyday, sometimes twice a day if the police force was unfortunate. Kitty sighed quietly, standing rather still-waiting for the group to make a mistake- leaving an opening.
10th-Jul-2008 02:58 am (UTC)
The inevitable surge of panic rippled through the crowd. The old lady and the kids screamed. The businessman clutched his briefcase and turned white. Urich glanced over at the guard, trying to see if the man was breathing. He briefly thought about slowly sliding over to the man and checking his pulse when this Shocker character started yelling again.

“Shut up and freeze!” Waves of force billowed off of the man’s suit, buffeting the bank’s customers. “Everyone toss cell phones, wallets, purses into the center, now!” One man with a pistol began gathering the loot into a duffel bag, the other moved to lock and watch the door. One of the robbers with a shotgun waved it, staring down customers and tellers. The other opened a large duffel bag and moved to his boss.

The Shocker grabbed a portly, fifty-ish man by the shirtfront and lifted him off of his feet.

“You the manager?”

“Yes...” the man whimpered.

“Good”, the Shocker grinned, “let’s go see your vault.”
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